Luke Cage Is a 'Game of Thrones' Fan in New Season 2 Clip

Avengers Tower may or may not exist in Netflix’s Marvel TV shows, but Game of Thrones apparently does. A new clip from the upcoming second season of Luke Cage reveals that the Hero of Harlem is familiar with the Mother of Dragons.

Netflix uploaded the clip from Luke Cage Season 2 on Wednesday, and it features Luke getting accosted not by a supervillain, but by Harlem residents who want to know why he hasn’t whupped the bad guy yet. Luke, whose personality tends to either be set at “noble” or “annoyed,” is a little peeved by their pestering.

As an earlier trailer for the season revealed, a new baddie, Bushmaster (Mustafa Shakir), gets the better of Luke in a fight and proclaims “Harlem is mine.” It’s all very intimidating, and Luke apparently hasn’t figured out a way to put a stop to this new threat just yet. In the new clip, after a groups of Harlem residents finish directing their complaints at him, one young man asks why Luke doesn’t dish out Westerosi justice.

“Me? I’d be running shit. I’d be like, ‘either you bend a knee, or you lay down, bitch!” he says. “And if they didn’t? Dracarys! Like, straight flames.”

“Dracarys” is, of course, what Daenerys Targaryen says to instruct her dragons to burn her foes to a crisp. The man in the clip seems to specifically be referring to a moment after the Loot Train Battle in Season 7 when Dany had her dragon fry Randyll and Dickon Tarly.

Luke, however, doesn’t think mass incineration is a good look for the Hero of Harlem.

“Estate property and Game of Thrones do not mix, Luke says.

“Nah, when you’re high, that shit sounds right,” the man quips back.

Luke Cage Season 2 hit Netflix on June 22. Game of Thrones Season 8 premieres next spring.

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