'Sense8' Series Finale Trailer Looks Like a Full-On Video Game Raid

For the series finale of Netflix’s widely loved Sense8, the seven free sensates unite for one last globe-trotting mission to save the eighth member of their cluster, but they also recruit several outsiders, making this action-packed finale look like a video game raid where they’ve got one huge party attacking the final boss.

On Thursday, Netflix released the series finale trailer for Sense8, which will wrap up the show’s story in one 2-hour episode. The trailer starts out as emotionally potent as ever, offering a montage from past episodes exploring the nature of identity when you essentially share a psyche in an eight-person group. But the whole thing gets video gamey-AF before long in some kind of epic team-up that feels like something out of a World of Warcraft-type raid with tons of characters attacking a horde of enemies. Not only are the seven free sensates physically together in one place, but from the looks of the finale trailer, they brought all of their sidekicks along for the ride. And instead of a fantasy dungeon, it’s a beautiful European town with pigeons everywhere.

Perhaps the best shot in the 'Sense8' series finale trailer makes no sense at all.


Think of the BPO as the evil organization with the Chairman as its Big Bad. Jonah is the good guy turned bad that the sensates will have to defeat on their way to the end of the game. In various scenes, you can spot Hernando, Daniela, Amanita, Bug, Rajan, the Old Man of Hot, and even Detective Mun. Which basically means that every side character from the separate plotlines all come together to help the core cluster free Wolfgang and defeat BPO. It seems totally fitting for a series finale.

Netflix had canceled Sense8 after Season 2 on account of the show being super-expensive. After all, these eight core characters were originally spread out across the world, so shooting in various countries proved costly. But after Twitter basically exploded and fans rallied to revive the show, Netflix acquiesced and agreed to the finale we’ll get in just a couple more weeks.

The Sense8 series finale hits Netflix on Friday, June 8 — probably right at the stroke of midnight. There’s no telling what might happen because rescuing Wolfgang from the BPO is going to take them all working together.

One shot makes it look like they’ll all ride off into the sunset together, but things are never that easy, especially when you’ve got enough drama for eight people rattling around in your brain.

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