Netflix Confirms 'Sense8' Series Finale Date in June: What to Know


The end of everything is closer than you might think because Netflix just confirmed the release date for the huge series finale of its beloved but uber-expensive Sense8.

On Tuesday, Netflix announced that the Sense8 series finale would hit the streaming platform on Friday, June 8. The show was originally canceled after its second season in May 2017, but then a massive outcry from fans compelled Netflix to renew it for a 2-hour series finale that would wrap up the story. The finale will be a bittersweet ending for the beloved show, but to be honest, they should have waited for August 8. Ending Sense8 on 8/8 would have been way better, but 6/8 will have to do.

Sense8 Season 2 raised the stakes for the core group of sensates further than ever before in their battle against Whispers and the BPO. The formerly enigmatic villain was humanized a great deal in the second season, with the sensate Lila emerging as an even scarier villain. Can the core cluster survive what’s to come in the war against the BPO? Here’s everything to remember and expect from the final 2-hour special:

Where is poor Wolfgang in 'Sense8'?


5. The Cluster Will Have to Actually Rescue Wolfgang

The Season 2 finale fakeout had everything to do with the cluster infiltrating a BPO facility. We thought they were rescuing Wolfgang, who had been captured and tortured by Whispers. But instead, the cluster kidnapped Whispers. So where was Wolfgang? Why didn’t they rescue him? Will he die, or will his cluster trade Whispers’ life for his? Either way, we’ll have to learn where Wolfgang is before the series ends. If there’s a happy ending, then he’ll have to live happily ever after with Kala. But as of right now, if one member of the core cluster has to die, he’s the most likely candidate.

In the Season 2 finale, almost the entire 'Sense8' cluster physically met IRL.


4. The Cluster Is Finally United

The most satisfying part of Season 1 was when Will and Riley finally met IRL in the last few episodes, but Season 2 upped the ante by bringing almost every single member of the Cluster together for the aforementioned BPO facility heist. With the exception of Wolfgang, the whole cluster is together at long last, and once they rescue him they can finally be a complete unit. But then, will they have to separate to go on different missions in the series finale? Probably, which means we’re bound to get plenty of fun pairings.

Lila (Valeria Bilello) in 'Sense8' Season 2.


3. Is Lila Really a Villain?

Lila’s romance/conflict with Wolfgang in Season 2 was a real highlight. We never learned all that much about her other than that she worked for the Berlin-based mob boss Sebastian Fuchs and made some kind of deal with the BPO that granted her immunity. After Lila and Wolfgang fought each other, destroying a restaurant in the process, she turned him in to the BPO. She does seem pretty sinister, but is she really the cold villain she appears to be? The series finale almost has to see Lila either killed or redeemed, so which will it be?

Jonas isn't a good guy anymore in the series finale of 'Sense8'.


2. Jonas Has Become the Darth Vader of Sense8

One important development in Season 2 saw Jonas make a “deal with the devil” — the Chairman of the BPO — to sort of become the new Whispers. It’s unclear exactly what his role on the show will be moving forward, but he’s definitely working for the bad guys in order to save his own life. What does that mean for his relationship with the show’s core cluster? Whether he wants to or not, he’s going to probably try and kill them as the finale’s main villain but then redeem himself in the very end. After all, he’s their oldest ally, which kind of makes him Darth Vader and the enigmatic Chairman the Emperor Palpatine.

What if Nomi births a whole new sensate cluster in the 'Sense8' finale?


1. We’ll Probably See a New Cluster Born

One popular fan theory about the series finale is that Nomi will birth a new sensate cluster by the end of the series, which would continue the cycle of rebirth that’s been such a prevalent theme on the show. There’s pretty convincing evidence for it as well: her tech skills connect her cluster and others, she’s often depicted in a hospital gown just like Angelica who birthed their cluster, and her status as a trans person is representative of the series’s focus on inclusiveness. If there’s any sensate among the core cluster that should birth a new cluster, it’s her. What better note to end the series on than that?

The Sense8 series finale hits Netflix on June 8.

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