Lana Wachowski Compares 'Sense8' Netflix Comeback to 'The Matrix'

One of the creators of Sense8 has compared the fan-led resurrection of the popular Netflix show to an iconic scene in The Matrix. “It’s every bit fairy tail and storybook as Trinity kissing Neo and bringing him back to life,” Lana Wachowski said in a video published on Tuesday.

The video is a love-letter to the fans of Sense8, released on the fictional birthday of all eight members of the August8 cluster. Wachowski said that despite the “chaos” of making the show, that she wanted to take a moment to “admire the holy-shitness of it all,” and thank the fans for what she described as “unbelievable.”

Though Netflix intially cancelled Sense8 back in June, outcry and petitioning led by its passionate fans resulted in a compromise. Instead of a full new season of Sense8, the show will conclude all of its storylines in a feature-film length special episode. The video features all the cast and crew of Sense8 thanking the fans personally, including Freema Agyema blowing a kiss and saying “power to the people.”

The video concludes with co-writer David Mitchell teasingly saying “If you’ll now excuse me, we have a diabolical plot to foil.”

The series finale of Sense8 is set to air sometime in 2018.

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