'Venom' Fan-Edit Made With the Cartoon Feels Much More Like 'Spider-Man'

Venom is about to get his own movie in October, but a new fan-made trailer goes back to the past. A YouTuber has edited the Venom trailer with clips of the acclaimed Spider-Man animated series that aired on Fox Kids in the ‘90s. This isn’t Tom Hardy as Venom, this is Toon Hardy.

Though it was uploaded in April, “Venom Trailer 90s Animated Version” is making the rounds now from YouTuber Darth Blender, whose channel is made up of nostalgic riffs on trailers. Like most YouTube content of this genre, Darth Blender matches clips of the Spider-Man series — mostly the episodes featuring Eddie Brock becoming Venom, of course — with the sights and sounds of the Venom trailer. Darth Blender even uses clips of Carnage, a sly reference to the speculation that Woody Harrelson is playing Carnage in Venom.

Unavoidable is the fact that there are some shots of Spider-Man with Venom from the series, which is just a reminder how weird it is that there is a Venom movie that does not have Spider-Man. Tom Holland making a cameo as his Spider-Man from the MCU is rumored but very unlikely.

What’s remarkable about Darth Blender’s video is just how clean the clips of the Spider-Man cartoon are, as if they ripped them from a Blu-ray version of the series (which doesn’t exist). It is actually very hard to get Fox’s Spider-Man all on DVD, but it is available on most digital services. Here it is on Vudu, and here’s a DVD of the Venom episodes on Amazon Prime.

See Darth Blender’s video below. And while we’re here, definitely check out the rest of their work. Here’s the Black Panther trailer using the Black Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and here’s the Super Friends cartoon intro remade with scenes from Justice League.

Venom hits in theaters on October 5.