Venom Fans Say His Eyes Resemble a Certain Reproductive Genetic Material

Marvel fans were worried after seeing the first trailer for Venom, fearing that the hyped movie might not feature the classic black-and-white costume, but those fears were assuaged on Tuesday with the release of the second trailer, which includes Venom’s iconic toothy grin. However, there’s a new concern, at least among some fans. Venom’s milky white eyes, uh, kind of look like two pools of semen.

The language in this post is NSFW, though, there are no inappropriate images.

A basic search on Twitter reveals dozens of tweets comparing Venom’s eyes to that certain form of reproductive genetic material. Granted, that’s only a small percentage of the tens of thousands of people who have watched the trailer, but that’s still too many people who are making this comparison.

“Venom’s eyes are cum. I’m sorry but someone had to be the first to say it,” Twitter user @yiffpolice wrote in the early morning hours of Wednesday. There was no need to apologize, because @yiffpolice was far from the first person to say it.

Venom’s eyes weren’t the only part of the character’s design that had some folks making lewd comparisons. Venom’s tongue was compared to a penis, although maybe not a human phallus. Polygon has a nice breakdown of how Venom is the latest hot thing for many people who have teratophilia, an “attraction to monsters or ‘deformed or monstrous people.’”

It’s not just randos on social media who have NSFW thoughts about the Venom trailer. Elizabeth Banks, a bonafide movie star, also thinks there’s something penile about the symbiote’s tongue.

Venom comes on October 5 — excuse me — Venom comes out on October 5.