'Venom' Trailer: Doesn't Feel Like a Marvel Superhero Movie

The highly anticipated first trailer for Venom dropped on Thursday, but anybody hoping to see what the pitch-black Symbiote would look like on Tom Hardy is going to be disappointed. There are only the most fleeting glimpses of the Symbiote, though the trailer still manages to be an exciting teaser for a different, thrilling kind of Marvel movie. That may not be satisfying for everybody, though.

“Everyone’s got their thing,” Hardy says in a voiceover. Maybe it’s a breakup, a death, and accident. Whatever it is, you used to be one thing, now, you’re something else,” he continues, as the intensity of the trailer ramps up. Hardy spends most of the trailer inside of an MRI machine before freaking out at the very end, so it’s pretty clear that the he’s been changed by the Symbiote.

“We all have our own problems, our own issues,” he says, right before the trailer ends. “Our own… demons.”

There are just the briefest of glimpses of the Symbiote, as there’s a short bit where we see some black goo in a tube, and you can see Hardy’s veins begin to turn black as he screams at the end.

It feels more like a thriller with a science-fiction twist rather than a superhero movie, which could be fun, although the immediate fan reaction wasn’t so kind.

“SHOW US VENOM WE KNOW WHAT TOM HARDY LOOKS LIKE,” one person tweeted in response to the trailer.

“If this didn’t have a title card I’d have no idea it was a Venom movie,” a commenter on YouTube wrote. “Looks like a generic action movie.”

Venom will open on October 5, and presumably, will features scenes with Venom in them.