'Robin Hood' Trailer: This Is the Movie Version of Face Blindness

There’s a trailer for a new action-packed Robin Hood movie and I will go to my grave convinced that this movie already came out, because it looks exactly like a half-dozen other box office flops that tried to make a sexy action flick set in Medieval times.

The first trailer for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword — excuse me — Robin Hood, came out on Thursday, and it shows Kingsman star Taron Egerton steal from the rich and give to the poor while firing off CGI arrows at an impossible, unconvincing rate. Robin Hood — no, not the 2010 film starring Russell Crowe, but this new 2018 movie directed by Otto Bathurst — also stars Jaime Foxx as Little John, who in this reimagining is Robin’s archery instructor. Assassin’s Creed — jeez, sorry, I keep getting this wrong — Robin Hood (2018) also features Ben Mendelsohn playing another bad guy.

Granted, Marvel just released the 19th movie in its superhero series, and there are two other major superhero franchises out there, but the difference there is that those movies do well at the box office because people want to see them. Avengers: Infinity War made more money in its opening weekend than any movie in history. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword raked in a grand total of $39 million against a reported $175 million budget.

So, maybe The Great Wall — shit, let me start again — so, maybe Robin Hood will buck the trend and be a good movie that people want to see, but “modern” spins on Medieval times have a pretty horrendous track record, especially when they’re based on a property that’s in the public domain, like Robin Hood. This trailer does not inspire much confidence, though, nor does it do much to set this new movie apart from other failures.

Prince of Persia Clash of the Titans The Legend of Hercules Robin Hood hits theaters on November 21.

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