Elon Musk’s Baffling Tweet Caused A Surge of Searches for 'Prehensile'

Musk has some very interesting eyebrows, apparently.


Elon Musk caused a storm on Monday after the tech entrepreneur took to Twitter to declare that “I have prehensile eyebrows.” The statement, provided with no additional context, sent some of his 21.5 million followers rushing to Google to work out exactly what the Tesla and SpaceX CEO was trying to say about his upper facial hair.

The declaration is not exactly out of the ordinary for Musk, who has a rather eccentric Twitter presence that sometimes leads to the establishment of multi-million dollar companies like The Boring Company. Googlers searching for “prehensile” would have been met by a dictionary definition that stated it was “capable of grasping,” mainly used to refer to an animal’s limb or tail. The example sentence given is “many monkeys have long, prehensile tails which they use in swinging through the trees.” If Musk has this power, he’s managed to avoid revealing it during public presentations.

Google searches for the term "prehensile."

Google Trends

Musk’s latest posts have suggested the CEO has some new projects in the works, but it’s unclear what. Last week, he declared he was working on a “cyborg dragon,” possibly in reference to an upgraded version of the SpaceX’s Dragon capsules used to transfer supplies to the International Space Station. Last month, he announced a “new intergalactic media empire” called “Thud,” possibly referring to a news story around Musk working with former The Onion staffers.

The CEO has a strong presence on Twitter, which he uses for outlining his future business ideas with pop culture references. A regular feature is references to Spaceballs, which he used as the reason why he was funding The Boring Company’s early stages with a combination of hats and flamethrowers. The film also emerged in the Tesla range of electric vehicles, with a special “Ludicrous Mode” to enable high performance in an instant.

Musk will be preparing for a big moment this week, as Tesla announced its latest quarterly earnings on Wednesday. The update is expected to cover production progress of the $35,000 Tesla Model 3, which Musk is seeking to produce at high levels to reach a mass market.

Hopefully, his prehensile eyebrows will help shift some of those 400,000 reservations.

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