'Fortnite' Season 4 Promo Teases Wonder Woman Skin

Is that The Flash with her?


It’s only a matter of days before Fortnite Season 3 ends and Season 4 begins. Epic Games already began signaling the end of the current season with meteors falling from the sky, and on Twitter, the company started teasing something super for Season 4.

The Season 4 tease started on Thursday on the Fortnite Twitter account with an image of what appears to be a character that looks like Cyborg or The Flash. On Friday, the account tweeted the same image, but with an additional face added, which looks strikingly similar to Wonder Woman. In the tweet was the message “Fight with Honor.” So the question is whether Season 4 will have a superhero theme with skins or will there be licensed outfits of DC characters.

A key point to think about regarding whether DC character outfits could be added to the game is the company with ties to Epic Games: Tencent. The Chinese corporation bought a minority stake of the Fortnite developer back in 2012. Tencent also has the license to use DC characters as it is currently doing with its mobile game, Arena of Valor. This could mean official DC outfits will come to Fortnite.

Skins are some of the biggest moneymakers in Fortnite. Players shell out money in the form of V-Bucks to pay approximately $20 for a special outfit for their characters such as the Raven skin released in early April. SuperData, a market research firm, reported Fortnite earned $223 million in March alone due to players spending money for in-game content.

Fortnite Season 4 will start soon after the end of Season 3, which is April 30. On Saturday, the game’s Twitter account tweeted another teaser image. Some replies speculate the third character is Hanzo from Overwatch, but others noted how the character has a slight edge to the eyebrow similar to Jason Momoa’s depiction of Aquaman.

If superheroes don’t show up in Season 4, then the next theory of what Epic Games has in store for Fortnite players is aliens, which does sync up with the meteors and comets seen in the game.

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