'Fortnite' Tricera Ops Skin and Other Hints Tease Possible Season 4 Themes 

'Fortnite' Season 4 is almost upon us.

Epic Games

Things are heating up in the world of Fortnite: Battle Royale with meteors flying everywhere and a mysterious new dinosaur Outfit, all while Season 4 is less than two weeks away. Considering how little we know about Season 4 so far, every new thing could be a clue, including a cryptic new image recently shared by Epic Games.

On Thursday night, Epic Games debuted a brand-new dinosaur-themed Outfit called “Tricera Ops” that pairs with a new Pickaxe and Glider. The dinosaur theme of these items resonates somewhat with the whole meteor crisis that’s driven Fortnite players into a frenzy these past few weeks.

A meteor killed the dinosaurs, right? So what if Season 4 is all about dinosaurs and meteors? It’s a strong possibility. Especially when you consider that Fortnite went from a Medieval theme in Season 2 to Space in Season 3, the possibilities are endless. A dinosaur theme would be just random enough while still making sense with what we’ve seen recently from the game.

Here’s the new Outfit, along with the Bitemark Pickaxe (Fossil Flyer Glider not depicted here), which could be in the game simply because it’s pretty rad-looking:

An even more compelling clue for Fortnite’s future came later on Thursday night when the game’s Twitter account shared the below image, which features the passport of Jonesy, a character from the PvE “Save the World” part of Fortnite. If you look at the stamp, you can see it’s dated for April 23, 2018 and marked from China. The tweet itself also reads, “Destination, China” which makes it pretty clear that there’s some new thing getting announced or happening in Fortnite on April 23 that relates in some way to China.

Considering a PvE character is prominently feature, you’d think it’d have nothing to do with Battle Royale, but the tweet also says “The Battle Bus is taking off!” Fortnite fans will of course know that the Battle Bus is exclusive to Battle Royale, which makes this all the more confusing.

So is the Battle Bus going to China on April 23? Does that mean we’re getting a new map set in China? Is that becomes a meteor is about to destroy the whole island? Or does this tease simply refer to a “Save the World” gameplay addition?

All this new info, coupled with a totally possible theory that a meteor will still hit Tilted Towers by the end of Season 3, makes it clear that exciting things are in store for Fortnite over the next few weeks. Something will happen on Monday, April 23 and then Season 3 ends a week later on April 30, so expect the Battle Bus to be very busy between now and then.

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