'Lost In Space' Robot on the New Netflix Show Has a 'Hellboy' Connection

The Doug Jones of giant monsters.


If you really dig the new Robot on Lost In Space, brace yourself for an obvious spoiler: it’s not a real robot! As you might have guessed, there’s an actor inside of that robot suit and it’s someone who is pretty used to playing giant, lumbering creatures. In fact, the Robot actor on Lost In Space is pretty much the Doug Jones of giant lumbering monsters.

Mild spoilers for Lost In Space ahead.

The new Robot on Lost In Space is played by Brian Steele, a guy who knows his way around science fiction creatures. He played one of the titular Predators in the Adrian Brody-led Predators. And in a strange Arnold Schwarzenegger connection, Steele played the body of the T-600 Terminator robot in Terminator: Salvation. Meaning, the new Lost In Space robot isn’t Steele’s first killer robot rodeo. In fact, he’s pretty much perfected the art. Perhaps the government should be consulting him in case the robot uprising happens? Just a thought.

Same killer robot actor, different day. (Brian Steele in 'Lost In Space' and 'Terminator: Salvation.'


But, Steele might be most famous for his role in Guillermo del Toro’s Hellboy as Sammael, the Desolate One, or Lord of the Shadows. Like Doug Jones as Abe Sapien, Steele played a monster in a Hellboy movie, and now, is in a reboot of a Sixties sci-fi classic. Could an Oscar-winning Shape of Water style movie about a monster robot be far behind? We hope so!

Brian Steele as Sammael in 'Hellboy'


Without a doubt, Brian Steele’s Robot in Lost In Space is his best monster/creature/robot role to date. And if the show does return for a second season, there’s no doubt that the fate of the Robot and the mysteries surrounding his homeworld will be revealed. But until then, fans of the show can chalk up the coolness of the Robot not only to slick production design and fun writing but also to excellent casting. Clearly, the folks at Netflix knew exactly who needed to be in that robot suit. And Steele totally nails it. - Lost In Space is streaming now on Netflix.

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