'BuzzFeed Unsolved' Season 4: New Haunted Spots, "Same Two Idiots"

The popular horror investigation series returns to spook 400 million viewers again.

One of the most popular paranormal web shows, BuzzFeed Unsolved, is coming back for a new season. On April 20, the eight-episode fourth season of BuzzFeed Unsolved: Supernatural, which streams online on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, will premiere, well, online. And Inverse has the exclusive trailer.

In Season 4 of BuzzFeed Unsolved: Supernatural, a spin-off of the very popular investigative YouTube series that explores everything from Jack the Ripper to Bigfoot, Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej return to investigate alleged paranormal phenomena like the Mothman, the Phoenix Lights, and the Rolling Hills Asylum in New York. In a change of pace from previous seasons, the two shot on location for seven out of eight episodes.

“While I don’t want to give away the name of the haunted house in the trailer, Shane and I will be traveling to a number of haunted places including the Rolling Hills Asylum this season,” Bergara tells Inverse via email. “We shot 7 out of the 8 episodes on location this season, and I would say we’ve gotten better at the actual investigation part. Other than that we’re still the same two idiots.”

There’s a lot of bunk science when it comes to haunted investigations. Even the most accredited sources in demonology can be traffickers of nonsense. But that’s what makes BuzzFeed Unsolved so much fun. The two hosts don’t claim to be scholarly experts, they’re just two dudes trying to get themselves — and the show’s worldwide audience who make up the show’s over 400 million views — a little spooked. In the trailer, the two joke that they’re not trying to solve anything. It’s in the show’s title, after all.

“There’s a natural curiosity when it comes to unsolved mysteries,” explains Bergara on the show’s enduring popularity, despite how little they’ve actuall solved. “I think more than anything people habitually seek closure and justice.”

BuzzFeed Unsolved: Supernatural Season 4 will premiere online on April 20.

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