More Dungeons & Dragons Could Appear in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3

Get those dice ready. 


In the second season of Stranger Things, viewers saw the kids focus more on arcade games and less on playing Dungeons & Dragons. That may change with the show’s third season, as hinted by a couple of social media posts.

New York based-artist Jared Flaming posted two photos on his Instagram account, saying he was teaching the role-playing game to the prop masters of Stranger Things Season 3. He also gave the members of the show production team a crash course in D&D history. The pictures show a homemade map, character sheets, and miniature figures.

“Doin my part in teaching the prop master for strangers things season 3 about dnd,” Flaming said in the first post. “Cramming a lot of gaming history into an afternoon before the prop master flies to the shoot. Stoked to see how they work it into season 3.”

Stranger Things Season 1 used D&D as a way to explain the phenomenon the kids were experiencing, such as the Upside Down — an alternate dimension filled with monsters — and the Demogorgon, which escaped into the real world. In Episode 8 of the second season, Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) suggested that controlling the creatures in the Upside Down was a Mind Flayer, another monster from D&D.

Production for Stranger Things Season 3 has yet to start, but that could change later in April. There will be only eight episodes in the newest season, and considering when shooting will start, it is unlikely fans will see the show return to Netflix in 2018.

Cast and crew from the show said in March that the kids will have new movies to obsess about for Season 3. Fans of both Stranger Things and Rick and Morty can read how the dimension-hopping duo handles a game of Dungeons & Dragons in a crossover comic set to release in August.