'Pokémon GO' Earth Day: How to Catch 'Em All by Picking Up Trash

Pokémon Trainers can actually help save the world for once.

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For Earth Day, the developers of Pokémon Go are inviting players to pick up garbage. No, not catching more Rattatats, but picking up actual garbage.

On Wednesday, Niantic announced it will team up with Mission Blue, Playmob, and many non-governmental organizations for Earth Day, April 22, to get players “to participate in the cleanups around the world.” By helping clean up, trainers will catch even more ground, water, and grass-type Pokémon at an exponential rate for 48 hours. To gauge involvement, trainers will be given a special avatar item in commemoration for Earth Day, according to The Verge on Wednesday.

If over 3,000 trainers participate, the effect will happen for trainers everywhere — even those who stayed home like a bunch of jerks.

On its official website, Niantic lists the thus-far scheduled 37 cleanup events for Earth Day. There are several in locations across North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Niantic specifies that trainers who wish to participate must register with their chosen event, meaning they can’t just show up, pick up trash, and start catching Meowths.

Fans at Pokémon Go Fest last July, which didn't exactly end well.

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While Niantic’s previous events for Pokémon Go have been — uh, a disaster — its intentions for Earth Day feel at least productive, maybe even altruistic. It’s certainly a lot better than players trying to sue Niantic on the grounds of not giving them their promised Legendary Pokémon to catch.

Pokémon Go players can participate on Earth Day cleanups on April 22.

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