'Deadpool' Has a "Big, Pink Surprise" Tonight on FX, What Could It Be?

20th Century Fox

Deadpool promising to deliver a “big, pink surprise” tonight is neither the foulest thing he’s ever said nor that much of a surprise, yet here we are. On Tuesday morning, the Merc with a Mouth promised through the Deadpool Movie Twitter account that on Tuesday night, he’d deliver the aforementioned surprise during the FX premiere of the first Deadpool movie.

Tonight will be the first time that the Deadpool movie plays on FX, making it the perfect time for the character to do … something. Deadpool says in the tweet that it’s not dirty at all, so the likely explanation here is that we might get another trailer or teaser for Deadpool 2 with some kind of dick joke. Or does “pink” somehow refer to the pink-suited female Deadpool counterpart called Gwenpool from Marvel Comics? Probably not, because the likeliest explanation could be something explaining the mysterious new pink-haired mutant that was featured in the last Deadpool 2 trailer.

We still don’t know a whole lot about the X-Force or who’s in it, but that latest trailer did show Negasonic Teenage Warhead teaming up with a new pink-haired mutant. Played by Shioli Kutsuna, this character is probably Surge, an X-Men character capable of manipulating electricity. Maybe we’ll get a full new trailer and her hair is just the means through which Deadpool delivers this crass joke?

All in all, this sort of comes at an awkward time considering all the recent drama about FX canceling the Donald Glover animated Deadpool TV series. So this surprise better be good for people to care.

If it were an entire new Deadpool 2 trailer, then that would be a legitimate surprise and an awesome one at that. Considering the movie isn’t due out until May 18, then it’s possible we’ll get at least one more trailer, but maybe not one this soon.

To find out what this pink surprise is, you’ll have to tune in to watch a tame edit of Deadpool for network TV starting at 7:30 p.m. Eastern tonight. At least Legion Season 2 premieres right after.