'Legion' Season 2 Trailer Reveals the Shadow King's True Form

When David Haller returns in Legion Season 2, it looks like he might have to confront the Shadow King in his true, original form.

FX released the first official trailer for Season 2 on Tuesday, and in it, we get a mind-bending look at where David disappeared to after the creepy flying sphere abducted him at the end of Season 1. It’s hard to really tell with all the whispering and David’s inner psyche distorting the imagery as always, but at least there’s dancing involved, right?

Ptonomy Wallace catches David up on everything that’s happened since he left. The mutants from the Summerland group teamed-up with Division III and “started working together to fight [their] real enemy,” who we all know is Amahl Farouk, aka the Shadow King. Aubrey Plaza’s Lenny returns as part of the Shadow King entity, which possessed Jemaine Clement’s Oliver Bird in the Season 1 finale, but we also get a look at a new face for Amahl Farouk:

Navid Negahban plays a new bodily form of the Shadow King, but is this Amahl Farouk's original body?


Navid Negahban is playing a new form of Amahl Farouk in Season 2 that’s almost definitely the Shadow King’s original body. The trailer features a sequence that looks like Farouk’s body is being brought out of the ground and potentially resurrected. But it’s also totally possible that this visage just appears to David on some psychic plane.

In this insane corner of the X-Men part of the Marvel universe, anything is possible.

Season 1 hinted that just like in the comics, Farouk’s astral projection was severed from his original body by Charles Xavier following a psychic confrontation years ago. But the Shadow King might’ve figured out how to undo that?

'Legion' depicted Charles Xavier's confrontation with the Shadow King as chalkboard drawings.


The Shadow King wears many faces, and it looks like in addition to getting one more, he’ll also have developed a new parasitic power that becomes something of an epidemic in Season 2.

In a previous teaser, Sydney said that the “Chatter” kills everyone. From the looks of it in this new trailer, a shadowy little parasite enters people’s minds — including Ptonomy’s — and makes their teeth chatter endlessly until their body probably just dies.

This can only mean one thing: With the Shadow King revealing his true form, David and his friends are in more danger than ever before.

Legion Season 2 premieres April 3 on FX.

Check out the teaser for the “Chatter” right here:

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