'Westworld' Season 2 Viral Site Hints Shogun World Is Even More Violent


If violent delights have violent ends in Westworld, then Shogun World is a never-ending 24/7 marathon of murder and mayhem. At least that’s what the website says. HBO updated its viral site for Delos Incorporated to include a summary of the new Shogun World, and it sounds horrific. And fun! Seems the adventurous lives of cowboys are nothing compared to the samurai.

On Tuesday, HBO’s viral site for its TV series Westworld was updated to include a new summary for Shogun World (two words), the medieval Japanese-themed sister park to Westworld (one word). The summary suggests that Shogun World is even more intense than Westworld, hinting at even more violence and horror than the other parks (there are six total; the other four are unknown).

“For those for whom Westworld is not enough, the true connoisseur of gore can indulge their fantasies with the slash of a katana,” reads the new summary. “Modeled after Japan’s Edo period, Shogun World offers a chance for guests to embrace their inner warrior, in a landscape of highest beauty and darkest horror. Let your true self take shape in the land where self-discovery is an art form.”

As evidenced by Season 1, Westworld is a pretty intense experience, if you know where to look. So Shogun World must be something if even Delos’s marketing team bills the park as a cut above the primary attraction. The summary also confirms that Shogun World is modeled after Japan’s Edo period, a 265-year span in Japanese history in which the country enjoyed economic growth and practiced serious isolationist foreign policies.

Many of the old favorites return in 'Westworld' Season 2. Will they survive Shogun World?


In the same way that the Old West has inspired countless books, films, TV shows, and even video games, so has Edo Japan, inspiring books like James Clavell’s Shogun, Akira Kurosawa movies like Seven Samurai and Yojimbo, and anime and mangas like Lone Wolf and Cub, Ninja Scroll, and Samurai Champloo.

Shogun World was first teased in the finale of Season 1. In the upcoming Season 2, more of Shogun World will be revealed as the park’s hosts expand their uprising to the other “worlds” in Delos’s company portfolio.

Westworld Season 2 will premiere April 22 on HBO.

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