‘Westworld’ Season 2 Could Feature a Samurai World

How many alternate parks are there in the world of HBO's hit show?


In the first season finale of Westworld, “The Bicameral Mind,” we got a glimpse of the bigger picture and a hint at a whole other world. And, surprise! It might not be any of the worlds that fans of the original source material friends were expecting.

During a panel at New York Comic Con, co-creator Jonathan Nolan told the crowd that the show’s future seasons would not go to Romanworld or Medievalworld. And while he’s a master of misdirection, that may just turn out to be true. If the hosts seen in the finale are any indication, the show will instead go to some sort of ancient Japanese world.

Late in the finale, Maeve, Hector, Armistice, and Felix stumble upon a series of hosts dressed in old samurai armor, running diagnostics like the gunslingers in the Westworld park. It’s just a quick moment — they don’t have much time to gawk at their “relatives” — but it’s an important glimpse for the audience.

Going to alternate worlds would be a fascinating, if not complicated, move for the show’s second season. After what happened in the finale, Westworld seems like it’s going to be a crazy PR nightmare, given that there have now been two catastrophic, deadly robotic meltdowns in the last 30 years. But maybe expanding out and baiting skeptical guests with a brand new refurbished world might be just the rebrand they need?

Samurai World? 


Still, while hanging out with samurai could be fun, given the events of “The Bicameral Mind,” smart potential guests should stay far away.

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