'Deadpool' Cartoon Footage Leaks, Last Time This Happened They Made a Movie

Titmouse Animation

Years ago, somebody leaked test footage for a live-action Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds, and the overwhelmingly positive fan response basically prompted Fox to go ahead with the incredibly lucrative movie. Now, the same phenomenon might be happening with Donald Glover’s canceled animated TV series, because somebody just “leaked” some awesome animated Deadpool test footage. Even if it’s not exactly what we would’ve have gotten from Glover’s scrapped series, it’s still good enough that it might inspire a huge fan response.

Late Thursday night, Titmouse Animation released via Vimeo a “Deadpool Animation Test.” To be clear this is not from the now-canceled animated Deadpool series created by Donald Glover. That series would have been animated by Radical Axis, the studio who does Archer and Hunger Force.

But Between this and the 16-page script Glover tweeted out Wednesday, it might be enough to make all the enthusiastic Deadpool fans out there go crazy.

Just Deadpool being silly Deadpool.

Titmouse Animation

The 80-second clip of footage is insanely fast-paced and totally ridiculous. The video footage includes Ryan Reynolds’s voice for the character while Deadpool fights a bunch of masked henchmen with guns before facing off against a cyborg gorilla. There’s plenty of dismemberment and blood in the clip. When you see Deadpool get literally flattened into a cardboard-thin figure, you realize that the surrealness of the animated medium totally suits the character.

Check it out:

Sizable middle sections of the video are roughly-drawn storyboard animations of what might’ve been, but we do get some bonafide almost-finished pieces in the beginning and end with some crisp, stylish animation. This is a decent look at the magic of animation somewhere in the middle stages.

How do they make Deadpool this expressive in a rough storyboard?

TItmouse Animation

Perhaps the crown jewel of the test footage is a scene Deadpool calls a “cockshot” in which he … well … I’m sure you can guess what he does:

It’s only a matter of time before hordes of fans latch on to the amazingness that is this test footage. Who knows Yet again, FX and/or Fox seems like it’s trying to pass on a creative idea that seems like a surefire hit. Their show might not have looked quite like this, but we all deserve a Deadpool cartoon, right?

We’ll have to wait and see if fan demand is high enough that they’ll actually backtrack on that decision.

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