Tommy Wiseau Photo Sparks Call for 'The Room' and 'Black Panther' Crossover

Well, that was unexpected.


There are bound to be many surprises at the Oscars on Sunday night, but perhaps none will surpass the unexpected pairing of two of-the-moment stars in a recent photo from the Spirit Awards on Saturday night. Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman, who will definitely be at the Oscars, was photographed alongside none other than Tommy Wiseau, the inspiration for the 2017 docu-comedy The Disaster Artist and a definite Oscar snub. Wiseau, one of Hollywood’s most beloved weirdos, posted the photo to his Instagram account on Saturday.

Fans of both Wiseau and Boseman were, of course, quick to latch onto the suggestion that the two might be collaborating sometime in the near future. This idea was no doubt supported by Wiseau’s reference to his new film #BestFriendsMovie in his caption. Best F(r)iends, scheduled for a 2018 release, will mark the return of Wiseau and his long-time creative partner Greg Sestero to the screen, but as it is not yet finished, there may very well be space to add Boseman to the cast, should he wish to be part of it.

Regardless, the two certainly seemed chummy in the photo, which did not escape fans’ notice.

The Instagram comments on the post imagined what a Black Panther crossover with The Room might sound like.

User demianthecreator, mashing up T’challa’s now-iconic mantra of self-assuredness and a classic Wiseau ad lib, quipped: “I never freeze, is not true, is bullshit I do not freeze, I do naaaat…. O hai nakia.”

Another user, ralphiejubjub, took the crossover satire a step further: “‘In the 90s, my father killed my uncle to protect his friend. Many years later, in the span of a week, both my father and his friend were murdered by two men corrupted by evil.’ ‘A Ha ha ha! What a story, T’Challa!’”

Meanwhile, some suggested that Wiseau might actually make a really good addition to the Marvel universe. While rumors have recently been swirling that Wiseau wants to play the Joker in future films within the Batman franchise, as CinemaBlend reported, fans thought he could play a multitude of other Marvel characters. On the post, user soulvacancy asked simply: “Future Doctor Doom?”

Meanwhile, some have suggested he bears a resemblance to Loki. They have a good point.

If fans’ hopes come to fruition, Wiseau may someday actually get his shot at being invited to the Oscars. As it stands, however, he is at least no worse off than James Franco, who actually directed and starred in The Disaster Artist. Franco’s performance and film were at first widely lauded and were considered serious Oscar contenders, but sexual misconduct allegations against Franco have completely destroyed his Oscar chances and his invitation as well.

But if there’s one thing Wiseau is known for in Hollywood, it’s his unpredictable behavior. Given his track record, we may well be the ones saying “Oh, hi” to Tommy tonight.

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