Tommy Wiseau Reveals Details About 'The Room' 3D Re-Release

Don't hold your breath. 


Tommy Wiseau, the producer, writer, director, and star of the cult film The Room, is nothing if not a dreamer. Riding high on the success of The Disaster Artist, the James Franco-led movie about the making of Wiseau’s infamously bad and beloved film, Wiseau has all sorts of plans for a re-release of The Room.

Or at least, he’s tweeting some bullshit about converting the movie to 3D.

“Is there any chance you will be releasing the room in 4K quality?” a fan of the movie asked Wiseau on Twitter over the weekend. Wiseau responded and one-upped him, teasing a “5.1,” “4K,” and most-intruguingly, a “3D” re-release.

There are no additional details about when or where the 3D version of The Room will be in theaters, possibly because Wiseau is just having some fun and/or talking out his ass, as he is wont to do.

The 2D to 3D conversion process is difficult, even for a film that doesn’t look like it was shot with a camera made entirely out of vaseline, the way The Room looks. Think about all those times you shelled out an extra 10 bucks to see a movie in 3D instead of 2D. Unless the film was made with 3D in mind, the way Avatar was, the post-conversion process typically looks kind of shitty, even on action-packed blockbusters. The films are dark, fuzzy in places where they shouldn’t be, and the illusion of depth isn’t so much immersive as it’s a gimmick to raise ticket prices. Given Wiseau’s commitment to ~quality~ filmmaking, a 3D version of the room would probably be a disaster, which might be the point.

The Room has already gotten a theatrical re-release, which you can find more details about here, but the 3D version is not in theaters, because it currently only exists in Tommy Wiseau’s fever dreams.

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