'Wreck-It Ralph' Sequel Trailer Features a Better Internet Than Ours

I'd browse. 

The internet is a scary, toxic place, but the version of the web that Ralph visits in the upcoming sequel to Wreck-It Ralph looks like a far nicer, cleaner place. Maybe that’s because Disney isn’t about to depict the Internet as it actually is: absolutely full of horrible porn and fanfiction where Sonic and Tails kiss.

In the Ralph Breaks the Internet trailer, which premiered on Wednesday, Ralph (John C. Reilly) and Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) take a ride on the Information Superhighway after the arcade where they live finally gets a Wi-Fi connection (or “wify,” as Ralph pronounces it).

From there, the duo is confronted by anthropomorphized pop-up ads and clickbait, but it’s not too bad. They head to an eBay auction where a painting of a very sad, very cute kitten is for sale. Will Ralph Breaks the Internet’s target audience of little kids love seeing eBay on the big screen? Well, eBay certainly likes the exposure!

The trailer ends with Ralph and Vanellope crashing what looks like a very adorable iPad game that a little kid is playing the back of a car. In what’s actually a very funny goof, Ralph kills(?) a bunny by feeding it too many pancakes. Given that the movie is about Ralph surfing the web, we can infer that the mobile game requires an internet connection, and therefore it probably has in-ap purchases, meaning it was a risky move for the kid’s mom to let her play.

The first Wreck-It Ralph was a fun send-up of video game history, and the sequel looks to be a similarly sweet and clever spin on internet culture. It’ll be like The Emoji Movie, only not trash.

Ralph Breaks the Internet on November 21.