10 Hilarious Szechuan Sauce Reviews Trashing the McDonald's Sauce

"I don’t remember Szechuan sauce tasting like old cigarette butts. Gross."

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If there’s anything that the many negative reviews for McDonald’s redistribution of Szechuan Sauce can teach you, it’s that the internet is an unforgiving place primed to deliver hilarious owns.

After October’s disastrous limited release of the old Nineties sauce that Rick and Morty made famous, McDonald’s promised to make amends by re-releasing it en masse on Monday. After a rocky start that included reports of stores running out within hours and other locations that had no idea what was going on, people have finally tried the sauce.

Sure, there are tons of positive reviews out there calling for McDonald’s to permanently add this to the menu, but the real fun is had from the overwhelmingly negative reviews that are totally savage.

We aren’t sure what anybody was expecting from what’s ultimately still just another McDonald’s dipping sauce with corn starch, sodium benzoate, caramel color, and xanthan gum. The flavor’s interesting and spicy, but not too hot.

Get ready because some of these reviews are absolutely savage:

For lots of people out there that built up how great this sauce might be — perhaps because of how zealously Rick Sanchez talked about it in Rick and Morty — the Szechuan Sauce is a total letdown:

A more thoughtful review from Robert Sietsema at Eater analyzed all the reasons why the “Szechuan” sauce doesn’t really taste like it’s from the Sichuan Provence of China. But he also offered this bit, which makes the sauce seem totally disgusting:

“With trembling hands, I ripped the foil top off the little plastic tub and gingerly stuck my pinky in. Holding it up to the light, I could see the sauce was the color and consistency of strawberry jelly, as a drop slid off my finger and splatted on the table. Flecked with some indiscernible spice, it proved jaw achingly sweet when I licked my finger. Alas, the Szechuan sauce had no heat that I could discern. It tasted mainly like corn syrup with maybe a tiny bit of Worcestershire thrown in.”

For Uproxx, Allison Sanchez noted it looked like a “tarry, dark liquid” with the “scent of an uncooked stir fry sauce,” and while sweet, the flavor was ultimately “not worth rioting over.”

Some of the less serious reviews are much funnier, like this one a commenter put on McDonald’s Facebook page:

Or this strongly-worded “Would You Rather” proposition:

Vomit, butt cracks, and old cigarette butts all make for strong comparisons to the sauce:

Some people out there are here to remind us that the whole thing was a joke:

Other accurate surmise that the sauce is certifiably “meh”:

We should all realize that it’s not worth rioting over:

Perhaps the best review out there comes from Reviewbrah on his YouTube account TheReportOfTheWeek, which is a kind of tongue-in-cheek posh highbrow review of lowbrow products, which is just the perfect tone for a fast food product that Rick and Morty fans have rioted over:

It’s easy to roast McDonald’s given the nature of this ongoing Szechuan Sauce debacle and how they’ve consistently misunderstood the Rick and Morty fan base. Why did they originally snub Rick and Morty altogether? Why did they understock the sauce to begin with last October? Why did they make a podcast chronicling all their own mistakes in an effort to make amends?

We might never know the full story here, but the Szechuan Sauce from McDonald’s is a solid choice to dunk your nuggets in, assuming fast food sauces are your thing.

McDonald’s distributed 20 million packets throughout the United States, which supposedly should last until Friday, but it’s likely that your local McDonald’s is already out.

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