Here's How Iris West Could Become a Temporary Speedster on 'The Flash'

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Two theories about The Flash Season 4 are about to converge, because we’ve got an explanation for how Iris West could get temporary speedster powers later this season. And the Mystery Girl from Iris and Barry’s wedding might even get involved somehow.

We think it’s possible that sometime later this season, we’ll find out that Iris West is pregnant, and it will trigger temporary speedster powers.

Sounds crazy, right? But it’s actually not.

We know for a fact that Iris West will suit up as a speedster sometime later this season. Leaked set photos for Episode 16 show her in a black-and-white speedster suit, and Entertainment Weekly confirmed it in January, writing, “While it’s temporary … Iris will indeed suit up as a speedster in a March episode, but additional details as to how are being kept under wraps at the moment.”

The reason the details are bring kept under wraps is probably because it’s intrinsically linked to her also becoming pregnant.

Iris West is the leader of Team Flash these days, but soon enough she might even become something more.

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Remember that Joe West’s girlfriend Cecille revealed that she was pregnant very early in the season, and then a few episodes ago, she developed temporary telepathic meta-human powers triggered by her pregnancy. It occurred right around the time that she entered the second trimester of her pregnancy, and team doctor Caitlin Snow explained it would be a temporary side effect.

Cecille getting powers feels totally random on the show, but it sets a precedent that would make Iris getting powers later that much more believable. It would also explain why Iris suiting up is also “temporary.”

Maybe Iris is already pregnant and we’re on the verge of a big reveal that she gets powers. That would offer a logical explanation as to how Iris was able to talk to Barry outside of time in “The Trial of the Flash.” (An upcoming episode title actually reveals this new phenomenon is called “Flashtime.”) In theory, she should only be able to do this with Barry if she were also a speedster? Maybe she was already pregnant at this point and was able to passively activate those powers for this quick moment?

Barry and Iris talk while in "Flashtime."

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This entire season has sort of built towards this revelation. When Barry emerged from the Speed Force after months, after being stuck outside of time he came out rambling all sorts of cryptic phrases. A lot of fans latched onto one of them: “We’re gonna need more diapers.” That sounds exactly like something he might say if Iris were pregnant at the same time as Cecille. What if Iris and Cecille have their children at almost the same time?

So how does the Mystery Girl fit into this? Everybody thinks that the strange girl seems like a time-traveler from the future and that she might just be Iris and Barry’s daughter. If that does turn out to be true, then it only seems reasonable to assume that we’ll get these two big reveals around the same time.

If Episode 16 is indeed the one to feature Iris suiting up, then it will probably air on March 13 — which means that we’ll have answers to these many questions within a month. And we’ll know whether or not this theory pans out.

Is it a bit weird that Iris being pregnant with a speedster’s child would also make her a speedster? Yeah, a little bit. But it would also be kind of awesome.

The Flash airs Tuesday nights on The CW at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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