"Mystery Girl" Reappears on 'The Flash' to Fuel New Theories

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The “Mystery Girl” on The Flash just got a little bit more mysterious, reappearing in Tuesday night’s episode to further tease her identity. Is she a time traveler? Is she Barry’s daughter? How does she fit into this season’s plot? New details might clear up some of these theories while sparking new one. She’s officially one of the most interesting things happening this season

In “The Elongated Knight Rises,” we got 40 minutes of a moping incarcerated Barry, the millennial Trickster villain messing around, and Ralph Dibney learning how to become a hero. But in the episode’s final minutes, as Cisco and Ralph got coffee in Jitters, the “Mystery Girl” popped up to buy their coffee and awkwardly stammer her way through a frantic rant about something that might have been predestination? It’s hard to follow along.

Her shirt in the scene is a scene from the popular game, The Oregan Trail, specifically the meme, “You have died of dysentery.” Just when you realize that’s something Cisco might wear, he straight-up compliments her on the shirt. Now you can’t help but wonder: Is she Cisco’s daughter instead?

Is she Barry's daughter with Cisco's affinity for meme t-shirts?

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We’ve known since December that the mystery girl would return “at least one more time,” because actress Jessica Parker Kennedy said as much in an interview.

Originally, she appeared in the first part of the “Crisis on Earth-X” crossover event at Iris and Barry’s wedding as an awkward waitress offering him water just before the ceremony. Their odd encounter lead all of us to believe that she might just be Barry’s daughter from the future.

Do the new clues support that running theory?

The most significant new clue about her identity happens at the very end of “The Elongated Knight Rises” in the coffee shop. As Cisco and Ralph exit, we see her excitedly scribbling in a notebook a series of symbols.

They’re the same symbols that Barry was anxiously scribbling everywhere earlier this season when he emerged from the Speed Force babbling all sorts of nonsense — including the phrase “we’re gonna need more diapers.”

Does those symbols relate to the Speed Force? Or time itself?

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Considering what had happened to Barry at that point, we can safely assume that these symbols relate to either the Speed Force directly or time itself. Otherwise, it’s some kind of language of the universe. This might prove that this mysterious woman is a time-traveler and maybe even a speedster herself.

Most people reckon she’s Dawn Allen, Barry speedster daughter from the future. But anybody that’s seen Young Justice might recognize her sense of humanity and manner of speaking in a character from the second season: Bart Allen.

Initially a Speedster going by the name Impulse, Bart Allen is a time-traveler and grandson to Barry and Iris born in the 30th century (it’s a long story). Wouldn’t it be a great twist if this character turned out to be a gender-bent Impulse?

Another likely option could be Jenni Ognats, also a grandchild of Barry’s. In the comics, she’s a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. If you’re following Supergirl right now, then you’ll know this superhero team-up plays a prominent part of the story this season. Could that mean …

We can’t possibly know what role she’ll ultimately play this season, but that’s not the last we’ve seen of the “Mystery Girl” — or those strange symbols that have popped up in various places, including The Thinker’s face.

The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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