How to Get Different Fonts on Snapchat, Including Rainbow Text

This one's for the word nerds.

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Snapchat users now have the ability to change the text font on their snaps. The new feature, which was made available in the U.S. on Wednesday, is part of Snapchat’s comprehensive makeover that has left users confused and irate, even resulting in a petition to reverse the changes. Thankfully, the decision to include font options is rather delightful — here’s everything you need to know.

What Are the New Fonts?

The new update includes 13 different fonts that can be used to personalize your snaps. There are some classics, like Old English and Comic Sans along with new inclusions like Glow and Gradient.

Don't be the person that uses comic sans.

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There’s an italic font with a background highlight that looks exactly like the Supreme logo if you make it red. There is a classy serif if you want to cultivate a Robert Frost vibe. Basically anything you could want to redefine your personal brand.

Isn't this subtle?

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You can also use multiple different fonts on the same snap, allowing your typographic inclinations to run wild.

How Do You Use Them?

Unlike the rest of Snapchat’s recent update, accessing the new fonts is fairly intuitive. After you take a picture, you can add text to it as you would have prior to the update. But now there is a bar above your keyboard that contains the new font options. Just click on one, and that’s it!

Honestly that looks super classy.

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Given the largely critical reception to Snapchat’s new look, it’s important that the company integrates new features in a way that doesn’t disrupt the app experience. Unfortunately for Snapchat, Instagram added font options two weeks ago. The two social media giants will likely continue to copy one another’s features for the foreseeable future, so more change is probably on the horizon.