'Westworld' Season 2 Trailer: Dolores Leads a Host Revolution

Jurassic World wasn’t the only failed theme park that got a commercial during the Super Bowl. HBO debuted a new trailer for the sophomore season of Westworld during the big game on Sunday night.

The trailer begins by teasing an idyllic paradise where dreams can come true. Except, as anyone who saw the Season 1 finale will remember, everything went to hell and robotic Hosts are slaughtering the human guests at the park. That’s the thing, though — Westworld is a land of possibilities and hope, just not for humans. At least not anymore. It’s looking like the Hosts are going to create a world of their own.

It looks as though Dolores, played once again by Evan Rachel Wood, is one of the leaders of the Host’s rebellion and their possible nascent civilization, but Thandie Newton’s Maeve also appears to be pretty pleased with how things are going down.

The trailer seems to confirm that the Man in Black, a.k.a. William, as played by Ed Harris, survived the Hosts’ initial attack on the park’s human guests — the same raid that cost the life on Westworld’s architect, Anthony Hopkins’s Dr. Robert Ford.

HBO released a teaser for the trailer — and season as a whole — on the Friday before the Super Bowl, and it suggested that somebody at the park was calling for help. However, Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) — or more likely, a Host pretending to be Charlotte, assured everyone that things were fine. Part of the Host’s attempts to establish something lasting?

Westworld will return to HBO on April 22.