How to Pre-Order Apple's HomePod Speaker Right Now

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After some minor delays, the HomePod — Apple’s Siri-based smart speaker — became available for preorder at a $349 price this Friday to select countries, with shipping beginning on February 9.

The release of the HomePod was originally slated to be sometime in this past December, but the tech giant pumped the brakes, stating the speaker wasn’t ready for consumers just yet, but the wait is finally over. The product features six microphones, a built-in Siri virtual assistant, compatibility with other smart home devices through the HomeKit app, and the ability to autonomously optimize sounds for any room that it is in.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to pick up your very own HomePod.

Here’s How To Pre-Order

There are two ways that you can secure a HomePod. The first is to simply navigate to Apple’s website, or you could download the Apple Store app for your iPhone or iPad.

At the time of writing, preorders are only available to consumers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. France and Germany will have to wait until sometime in the spring. There has been no word about when it will become available elsewhere.

It Won’t Include AirPlay 2

The initial launch of the HomePod won’t include Apple’s newly announced AirPlay 2. This features was previewed at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference this past summer and will allow users to pair the speaker with their Apple TVs and multi-room audio playback.

Apple has stated this feature will come later this year in a software update.

For everyone that has been patiently waiting for this smart speaker, now is the time to lock one down.

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