How to Download Apple iOS 11.3 Beta With ARKit and New Animoji Right Now

It's only available to developer right now.


Apple revealed Wednesday all of the features and improvements that will be available in the final version of their newest software update, iOS 11.3, which is due out sometime in the spring. And if you just can’t wait to try it out, there are a few options.

A polished version of the latest iPhone and iPad upgrade won’t be available for a little bit, but as of right now developers are able to get their hands on it. A public beta preview will also be available sometime soon, though Apple has not announced a set date.

Registered iOS developers — or users with experience coding and rolling out software for Apple devices — have immediate access to iOS 11.3, although there will probably be bugs and glitches involved. All it takes is navigating over to the Apple Developer site and sign in to start testing. If you don’t qualify for that status, don’t worry, there’s always the public beta, which we will get to.

Developers will be able to give feedback to Apple regarding some of the new features like the brand new Animoji and improvements to ARKit — a program that lets users design their own augmented reality art. However, even developers won’t have access to all new updates. The official iOS 11.3 press release states that the battery health indicator — or feature that tells users if their device battery needs service — won’t be out until the spring.

A preview of the new "Business Chat" feature that will be available on iOS 11.3.


Apple is having developers scan through this new update before they preview it to regular beta testers. So once most of the kinks are smoothed out expect to hear from the company regarding when a preview will be out.

To sign up for this early preview, head on over to Apple’s beta enrollment site. You’ll need to create a special profile that will give you a chance to test out the update on your device when it’s deemed ready to be previewed.

The main difference between this preview and the developer version is that non-developer users won’t have the freedom to build and tweak things on the software.

“The Apple Developer Program allows developers to test and build applications,” explains the beta preview FAQ page. “Participants in the Apple Beta Software Program may receive different beta software from participants in the Apple Developer Program. If you are a developer, you will benefit from the additional resources available through the Apple Developer Program.”

Gamer9430, a developer that has already installed iOS 11.3 on his iPhone X commented on a MacRumors post that the software update is 2.19GB.

That’s a sizable upgrade and it will likely get a larger once all the bugs are worked out.

For all of us regular users out there, try your luck at enrolling for the preview and see if your able to get it before all of your friends.

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