Here's Every Twist in 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi', Ranked

Hold onto your lightsabers.


After countless heated conversations with your friends about the origins of Rey, Luke Skywalker’s exile, and whether or not Porgs suck, we finally have some answers. Star Wars: The Last Jedi is out in theaters and it’s time to get real. This Star Wars film had more twists in it than any other installment in the entire saga unless we’re counting all of Anakin’s flirtatious lines about sand in Attack of the Clones.

But which twist was the craziest? Which one left you speechless. Which one made you swear?

Here’s every single twist in Star Wars: Episode VIII — The Last Jedi, ranked. Search your feelings, you know this ranking to be true.

Spoilers follow for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. But, you knew that, right? Seriously, if you don’t want to know the most shocking things that happen in this movie, PLEASE STOP READING, go see the movie, and come back later and see if you agree with the twist ranking. You have been warned.

Younglings in 'Attack of the Clones' (2002)

11. That Random Kid Who Can Use the Force

In what felt like the first time Star Wars has tried a post-credits scene, the movie seemed to almost end with everyone hanging out on the Millennium Falcon. But then, the music changed abruptly, and we cut back to those poor slave kids on Canto Bight, telling the story of Luke Skywalker. And, one of them randomly uses the Force to move a broom into his hand. This kid looks up at the stars and the movie ends there. Is this kid going to be in the next movie? Probably not. Will he be in Rian Johnson’s totally new trilogy? Maybe? Is this the first time a Star Wars movie has ended with a random unnamed character staring into space. Yes.


10. Admiral Akbar Dying

A lot of people from the Rebellion/Resistance bought it in this movie, but the most shocking casualty was easily Admiral Ackbar. It’s also a death that happens so fast, that it has to be confirmed out loud by other people in the Resistance. And the most shocking thing about Ackbar dying isn’t even that he died. Instead, it’s a crime he wasn’t he allowed to go out with his famous catch-phrase: It’s a Trap!!!


9. Chewie Cooking a Prog, But Not Eating It

Yeah, Chewbacca slapping that Porg wasn’t even the worst thing he did to the little critters. Instead, Porg-gate in The Last Jedi is worse than you can imagine. Chewbacca barbeques a few and has them on a shish kebab-ish stick at one point. But, we never see him actually eat it. And that’s because a tiny Porg weaponizes its cuteness to prevent Chewie from chowing down.


8. Yoda Not Giving a Shit About Anything

The ghost of Yoda showing up to bug Luke Skywalker would normally be the biggest spoiler of the movie, but because Yoda voice-actor Frank Oz was on the red carpet at the early Los Angeles premiere of The Last Jedi, some fans sort of already figured it out. The weird thing about Yoda’s ghost appearing to Luke in this movie is that he mostly didn’t give a fuck about what was going on and openly mocked Luke for being so concerned about ancient Jedi artifacts. Mostly, Yoda was back to being comic relief, rather than offering any big insights. Though, the little green guy’s advice to Luke about learning from failure might sum up the entire premise of the movie.


7. Admiral Holdo’s Suicide Lightspeed Stunt

Laura Dern crashing the Star Wars universe was short-lived. Literally. After briefly leading the Resistance while General Leia was in a coma, Admiral Holdo does something we’ve never seen anyone in Star Wars do before: intentionally jump their spaceship into hyperspace right on top of another ship. Naturally, this move ripped apart the big First Order flagship, and bought the Resistance some time, but it was positively shocking when it happened.


6. That Moment When You Really Thought Finn Was Going To Die

As the remnants of the Resistance try to buy even more time on Crait by flying crappy old speeders at some souped-up First Order walkers, Finn is having some really strong feelings about everything. For one thing, the secret mission he and Rose took on by themselves totally failed, meaning they kind of screwed the Resistance. And so, the audience is sort of prepared for Finn to become a martyr. There’s a miniature Death Star-style canon on the ground of Crait, and Finn is going to fly right into the center of it and blow it up. But…he doesn’t. Rose flies her speeder into his at the last second and saves his life.

5. Rey’s Parents Were Drunks Who Sold Her Into Quasi-Slavery

Oh wow. Again, you’d think this would be the number one twist on this list, but it’s really not. As everyone was warned by cast and crew of The Last Jedi, Rey “discovering” who her parents are isn’t that big of a deal. The real twist here is that she actually knew all along, but just buried the information because it was too hard to accept. Rey’s parents are such common knowledge in fact, that even Kylo Ren knows about it. And, in one very important scene, Kylo explains exactly who they were: two drunk nobodies who ditched little Rey on Jakku. Bummer.


4. Multiple Luke Skywalker Flashbacks Where He Tried to Kill Ben Solo

In the two years in between The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, a lot of us were so focused on Rey’s parents that we forgot to ask a simple question: why did Ben Solo turn to the Dark Side? Well, it’s complicated, and it all depends greatly on your own point of view. The new movie actually fakes the audience out twice with different accounts of what happened on the night Ben Solo burned down Luke’s Jedi Acamedy. Kylo says Luke just straight-up tried to kill him while he was sleeping. Luke tells Rey he tried to confront Ben about getting down with the Dark Side. But, in the end, the third version is like a mashup of those stories. Luke did consider killing Ben, but when he came to his senses, it was too late. Ben saw Luke’s green saber hovering over his bed and decided it was time to just ditch this whole good guy thing. The flashback where Ben and Luke’s sabers briefly clash might be worth the whole movie.

3. Kylo Ren Kills Snoke Like, Right Away

Not only did everyone’s theories about Supreme Leader Snoke totally suck, none of them actually mattered. Like at all. In a truly shocking twist, Kylo Ren kills Snoke by spinning the Skywalker family lightsaber that is conveniently sitting on Snoke’s armrest on his evil throne. Rey is delighted because she thinks Kylo has become Ben Solo again, and the two team-up to defeat the those Praetorian Guards you’ve heard so much about. Basically, Snoke is a giant chump, and any hopes you had about seeing him in action were quickly snuffed out by one flick of a lightsaber.

2. Luke Skywalker Astral-Projecting at the End

In a Star Wars first, the final lightsaber battle in the film occurs between an angry young man, and his former master who…actually isn’t there. Luke Skywalker appears to have returned to save the day, but is really still on the planet Ahch-to, projecting the illusion that he is there, in the flesh, swinging his lightsaber around. Weirdly, Kylo Ren and the audience should be able to figure this out pretty quickly. In the phantom duel, Luke is using his old lightsaber, the one Rey’s been using. Kylo and Rey basically broke this saber in half in a previous scene, which means we all should have known this wasn’t the real Luke. The haircut and the darker beard should have been a sign, too. Still, this fakeout will probably work on most viewers for the same reason it worked on Kylo Ren. We wanted it to be true.


1. Leia Flying Through Space Using the Force

And then we come to easily the most unexpected and bananas moment in the entire film and perhaps the entire Star Wars saga. After seemingly being just blown out into space in the first like 10 minutes of the movie, General Leia Organa, our favorite Princess, is spinning through space, seemingly dying. But then…her hands move, and she USES THE FORCE TO FLY THROUGH THE VACUUM OF OUTER SPACE. This single scene is easily the most shocking in the movie, mostly because if it had leaked as a rumor, no one would have believed it. In Return of the Jedi Luke said, “you’ll learn to use that power as I have,” but come on. Luke, never used his power like this. In fact, this scene seems to suggest Leia is just as powerful as Luke, if not more so. And, taken in tandem Luke’s astral projection trick, we’ve finally seen the Skywalker twins potential fully realized. They can both do things that no one in these stories ever thought possible.

Admit it. Even the most batshit crazy Star Wars fan fiction wouldn’t dare to have Leia fly through space using the Force. No matter what you think of the rest of the movie, this moment was the greatest moment of 2017.

Star Wars: The Last Jediis out now. Check out all of Inverse’s coverage on the film right here and read our interview with Rian Johnson, coming later this afternoon.

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