‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Trailer: 9 Biggest Questions We Have

How are things going to go down when Thanos invades?


At long last, the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War is here. And for fans who didn’t see the footage Marvel unveiled over the summer at D23 and San Diego Comic Con, it’s our first glimpse of the biggest thing ever to happen in the MCU. And while seeing footage of all of our favorite heroes in action reveals a lot about the movie, it also raises a bunch of questions about how, exactly, things are going to go down when Thanos invades. These are questions beyond just “what is the plot going to be?” There’s a lot we already know about Infinity War, and plenty of loose threads from past MCU movies. The puzzle is just figuring out how Infinity War will bring all of those together.

Here are some of the biggest things Inverse is wondering about. (This post contains some spoilers for Thor: Ragnarok, in case you haven’t seen that film yet).


9. Where Are Ant-Man and the Wasp?

Infinity War is packed with just about every major character in the MCU, and earlier reports that there are 67 characters in the movie seem pretty reasonable, given everyone who made an appearance in the trailer. But, Ant-Man hould behould behould behould behould beand the Wasp, two of Marvel’s, uh, “smallest” heroes, are MIA. Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man should be in the movie, as the actor was front-and-center in a fundraising video filmed on set.

Loki Infinity War


8. Does Loki Break Bad?

The first Avengers movie focused on Loki’s attempted conquest of Earth with just one Infinity Stone, which seems so quaint now. But in the Infinity War trailer, a somewhat dirty-looking Loki is seen offering up that same Space Stone to somebody. We saw Loki do a double take when he ran by the stone in Odin’s vault at the end of Thor: Ragnarok. Maybe he swiped it.

Loki made a deal with Thanos for the stone back in the first movie. Perhaps he’s trying to give it back in order to save his own hide, or perhaps he’s trying to give it back for a more noble reason — to convince Thanos to spare the Asgardian refugees. Or, maybe Loki is going to become a bag guy again.


7. What’s the deal with Thor’s eye?

Thor’s eye is one of the biggest continuity mysteries surrounding Infinity War. In the footage shown at D23 and Comic Con, Thor had two eyes, which wasn’t surprising at the time. But, at the end of Ragnarok, Hela scratches one out. A Vanity Fair cover shoot earlier this week showed a two-eyed Thor rocking a badass scar, which seemed to suggest he’d get the eye back, but the Infinity War trailer has him with an eyepatch again. Perhaps the Guardians of the Galaxy have some eye-fixing juice on their ship.


6. How do The Hulk and Thor get separated?

Ragnarok ended with a ship we presume is Thanos’s looming above the Asgardian refugee spacecraft. Thor, Loki, Valkyrie, and the Hulk were all aboard. But, the D23 footage shows Thor hurling through space and hitting the Guardians of the Galaxy’s windshield alone. The new trailer shows Bruce Banner crashed down on Earth. What happened that separated the two, and how did the Hulk end up on Earth while Thor went flying through space?


5. If Team Cap is in Wakanda, what’s the deal with Black Panther?

Kind of a question for Black Panther more than it is for Infinity War, but T’Challa’s upcoming solo-movie is set after Captain America: Civil War, which had Team Cap flee to Wakanda to hide from the law. Infinity War shows that they’re all still chilling there, which begs the question: What were Steve and Natasha doing while Black Panther was defending his kingdom from threats. At least we’ll know the answer to this question before Infinity War, since Black Panther’s set for a February 16 release.


4. Where Is the Last Infinity Stone?

This question has plagued Marvel fans for several movies now, as we’ve seen five of the six Infinity Stones. But, now that Thanos is actually getting off his throne and doing something about it, it’s an even more pressing question. Our guess? The Soul Stone is in Wakanda — why else would Thanos launch an invasion?


3. Vision and Scarlett Witch Are Totally Gonna Bone, Right?

Vision and Scarlett Witch were a couple in the comics, so this really seems like an inevitability — especially now that Vision has a sexy new more-human form. Some fans think a casting call for Avengers 4 actually spoils that the two are going to have twins, like they do in the comics. Will the consummate things in Infinity War?


2. Is Vision Going to Die?

And, if Scarlett Witch and Vision do have sex, is it going to be before Vision dies? One of the Infinity Stones, the Mind Stone, is in his forehead. A scene from the trailer shows what looks like Proxima Midnight trying to rip it from him so Thanos can add it to his collection. Maybe somebody (Captain America?) will intervene, or maybe Vision can live without the stone. Or, maybe he’ll die.


1. Is Anybody Else Going to Die?

Vision might not die, but it sure seems like somebody is going to. Captain America and Iron Man are the two biggest contenders, especially when you consider that the actors’ contracts are up after Avengers 4. Killing off one of the original Avengers would certainly set the stakes, and we do see Thanos, equipped with two Infinity Stones, easy toss Iron Man aside.

These question should be answered when Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on May 4, 2018.