'The Last Jedi' Will Have a Bunch of High-Profile Cameos in One Scene

A new kind of royalty comes to the galaxy far, far away. 

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Astute Star Wars fans know that The Force Awakens included a few easy-to-miss cameos from some actors like Simon Pegg and Daniel Craig. Rumors have swirled for months about cameos in The Last Jedi, and now it looks like Princes Harry and William will appear as stormtroopers alongside actor Tom Hardy and singer Gary Barlow all in the same scene.

Light spoilers follow for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed information given from an unnamed source that claims these celebrities will all appear in one scene together as stormtroopers. Supposedly, the four of them will be guarding Finn (John Boyega) in an elevator scene of some kind.

During a round table discussion, Boyega confirmed the group cameo, saying that having the group “wrapped in stormtroopers costumes” presented a “strange contrast of a weird family.” The actor called it “a great experience,” adding, “It’s the best of both worlds for me.”

Finn probably won't be in any kind of stormtrooper armor in the scene.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

We don’t know a whole lot about Finn’s role in The Last Jedi, but we do know that he’s become a “big deal” in the Resistance. His journey with Rose Tico will take them to Canto Bight and beyond. They’ve both been spotted in First Order garb on some kind of undercover mission, and Finn’s also been shown fighting his old commander Captain Phasma.

Does that mean Finn might wind up captured in some way and escorted by this squadron of cameo soldiers? If so, then The Last Jedi could wind up mirroring The Empire Strikes Back in a huge way. Finn could be in trouble, which could prematurely draw Rey away from her training and into a confrontation with Dark-side forces she isn’t yet ready to confront.

Considering how accurately The Force Awakens mirrored A New Hope, it seems possible. We’ll have to wait another month to know for sure.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be released December 15.

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