Cisco Does the Impossible on 'The Flash' and Gets Barry Allen Drunk


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Cisco accomplished the impossible on The Flash and did something the show has never shown before: Drunk Barry Allen. This isn’t the first time Cisco tried to concoct a variation of alcohol that can counteract Barry’s speedster metabolism, but it’s the first time he got it right.

After Ralph Dibney crashes Barry’s legitimately lame bachelor party and calls it a “wiener fest,” Dibney takes Barry, Joe, Wells, and Cisco to “The Golden Booty,” Central City’s very own strip club. Cisco reveals his “bachelor elixir,” and promises that it will provide Barry a “gentle pleasant buzz all night long.”

The show doesn’t waste any time trying to over-explain the science of the red-neon vial Barry down, but within minutes, we get to see the Scarlet Speedster in plainclothes yelling, “I’m the Flash!” to total strangers. That’s right, it’s drunk Barry Allen He later literally cries because he “loves chicken wings so much” and then gets weepy about Jack dying in Titanic.

Sure, he does get sick in the toilet in the police station cell they inevitably wind up in, so it’s not all fun and games for the guys.

One heck of a bachelor party, huh?

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You could ask a lot of practical questions like, “Why wouldn’t Wally come back for this?” or even “Where the hell is Oliver?” but there are more important things going on. So it’s to the woman of Central City, and Felicity from Arrow’s Star City, to save the day.

Iris’ peaceful, classy bachelorette dinner is interrupted by the weird thug that’s been harassing Caitlin all season so far. As it turns out, his name is Norvok, and he has a creepy Demogorgon-looking eye.

He’s there for Caitlin or perhaps more accurately, Killer Frost, on behalf of his boss, Amunet Black.

Katee Sackhoff is a delight as Amunet.

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In addition to being a powerful meta herself, Amunet is also some kind of crime lord peddling a new drug, and she wants Killer Frost for some new muscle. Frost goes rogue, leaving Iris and co. to track her down. Felicity equates the Caitlin-Killer Frost dynamic as Bruce Banner and the Incredible Hulk, which finally gives us a better answer about how that dynamic has been working all season. Frost confirms as much.

Things turn dangerous really fast for everyone as they deal with Amunet’s, and with Barry’s crew out of the action (mainly on account of Barry being drunk and all of them away from their phones), they have to take matters into their own hands.

Amunet captured a young man whose tears are everyone’s new favorite drug after he was transformed into a meta-human when Barry busted out of the Speed Force. She calls him “The Weeper,” and his tears are the newest “love drug” but it’s hard to tell what it actually does.

When Iris, Felicity, and Cecile hatch a plan to track Killer Frost and try to take down Amunet, their rallying cry is a fun one: “We’re strong women. Hashtag feminism.”

Felicity is delightful in this episode.

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The true highlight of the episode comes when Amunet fights Killer Frost one-on-one, displaying some pretty cool powers. As it turns out, Amunet’s powerset looks a lot like Magneto or Polaris from the X-Men universe, but it’s limited to a specific bucket of alloy shards. Instead of throwing metal around, she uses her powers to form a gauntlet around her hand that can transform into a shield or shoot pellets at will.

The group is able to foil Amunet’s emerging drug empire, and both she and The Weeper get away.

So everything works out in the end, and Barry sobers up. The most notable development comes when The Thinker emerges to capture The Weeper, mentioning that he has plans for him. We still have no idea what DeVoe’s plans are, but now we know his fancy chair can fly around with lasers.

For next week, we get to look forward to the Council of Wells!

The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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