'The Flash' Figures Out What Created All These New Meta-Humans

Goddamnit Barry!

The CW

Episode 3 of The Flash offers one of the most fun villains of the week in what feels like a long time, but it also offers up a reason why a slew of new meta-humans has been popping up in Central City. Surprise! It’s all Barry’s fault.

Most of us thought the new metas might have had something to do with The Thinker. That might have been a little to close to Season 3 during which The Alchemist created new metas, but it seemed the most likely explanation. As it turns out, Cisco and Harry Welles are able to develop some tech to track the origin of the new meta’s powers; a bus full of 12 strangers passed by exactly where Barry emerged from the Speed Force.

So, yet again, Barry caused just about all of this season’s problems. The best part? He sort of blames Team Flash for the whole thing because they’re the ones that brought him back, but they can’t talk about it long because they all have their hands full with the luck-altering meta that Cisco names Hazard.

Barry meets with Rebecca Sharpe, aka Hazard.

The CW

In “Luck Be a Lady,” Rebecca “Becky” Sharpe is a down-on-her-luck young woman whose new powers allow her to gain crazy good luck while forcing bad luck on those around her. It’s as if she drains the luck from everyone around her. Of course, “luck” itself has a scientific explanation, because this is The Flash. Welles rattles off something about affecting quantum entanglement but hilariously it’s Cisco that talks about “juju.”

Everyone’s in denial about the extent of Becky’s powers for most of the episode despite the fact that Jesse dumps Wally via her father, Joe’s house literal starts falling apart, and every stage of Barry and Iris’s wedding planning gets foiled, even the spur of the moment elopement that fails when the priest has an allergic reaction to cinnamon incense.

Along the way, Becky gets hot soup to spill on her cheating ex and she wins millions at the unfair casino she used to work at. Barry literally trips on marbles in their first encounter, and he has the sense to say it was like he was a cartoon character. The Flash is indeed making good on its promise of being more fun this season.

What’s not that fun is when until her “quantum field” expands large enough to encompass the city, threatening to tear the whole place apart because the particle accelerator activates (why is it not permanently disabled?). Harry lets it blow on a “lucky guess” and it negates Becky’s field long enough for them to bring her in.

Harry might be sticking around — and Wally is leaving — but we still have no idea what The Thinker is up to. Team Flash is definitely still in the dark on that front, but something bad is coming.

The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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