Is Wolverine in the Sixth Episode of 'The Gifted'?

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Fox’s new series, The Gifted, is set in the X-Men universe, but it’s not immune to the weird continuity issues the franchise always deals with. The show follows everyday Mutants rather than heroes, focusing specifically on a suburban family on the run with their two mutant kids, with only a few big name Mutants like Blink and Polaris making appearances. But, X-Men fans can’t help but wonder: Will the most popular Mutant of all, the Best at What He Does, make an appearance in The Gifted?

Was Wolverine in the Sixth Episode of The Gifted?


Was Wolverine Mentioned in the Sixth Episode of The Gifted?


Were the X-Men Mentioned in the Sixth Episode of The Gifted?

Yes! As promised in last week’s preview for the episode, John Proudstar (a.k.a. Thunderbird) and Sonya (a.k.a. Dreamer) mention the team when Thunderbird is feeling pretty low about himself and his leadership skills.

“I’m starting to think that the X-Men made a mistake,” Thunderbird says. “Choosing me to be part of the Underground.”

“I know you want to live up to who your father was,” Dreamer responds. “You were chosen for a reason. The x-men said a war was coming.”

“They didn’t say we’d win,” Thunderbird says, grimly.

While this still doesn’t get us any closer to knowing where the X-Men went or what caused them to disappear, it seems to suggest that the team knew something bad was going to happen ahead of time. They also had a role in setting up the Mutant Underground, as evidenced by them choosing Thunderbird to be part of the group. As for what the coming war is, though? No idea, but Sentinel Services and the tattooed mutants who turn against their own kind probably have something to do with it.

Thunderbird’s father, in case you’re curious, is Neal Proudstar in the Marvel comics. He’s not a mutant himself, unless The Gifted is changing things around, but he’s Thunderbird and Warpath’s dad. Like Thunderbird, he’s a veteran.

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