Is Wolverine in the Second Episode of 'The Gifted'?


Fox’s new series, The Gifted, is set in the X-Men universe, but it’s not immune to the weird continuity issues the franchise always deals with. The show follows everyday Mutants rather than heroes, focusing specifically on a suburban family on the run with their two mutant kids, with only a few big name Mutants like Blink and Polaris making appearances. But, X-Men fans can’t help but wonder: Will the most popular Mutant of all, the Best at What He Does, make an appearance in The Gifted?

Was Wolverine in the Second Episode of The Gifted?


Was Wolverine Mentioned in the Second Episode of The Gifted?


Were the X-Men Mentioned in the Second Episode of The Gifted?

Yes, while Agent Jace Turner is interrogating Reed Strucker, he mentions the X-Men and alludes to the “9/11-like event” that the show’s creators have hinted at, known as the “July 15 Incident.”

“People talk about the X-Men, they talk about the Brotherhood, here’s the thing: I’m never going to know if the blast of energy that killed my daughter came from a good mutant or a bad mutant,” Turner says.

We’ll have to wait to find out more about the July 15 incident, but it’s pretty safe to assume that the “blast of energy” that killed Turner’s daughter didn’t come from Wolverine, who does not possess the ability to shoot energy blasts.

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