Luke's 'Last Jedi' Falcon Moment Might Reference a Deleted 'Force Awakens' Scene

Although Luke Skywalker is living on a planet that contains the first Jedi temple, the latest Last Jedi trailer finds him visiting somewhere even more sacred. The cockpit of the Millennium Falcon is turning out to be a focal point in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, and maybe not just for nostalgic reasons. This moment might be referencing multiple story-beats at the same time, including a deleted scene from The Force Awakens.

On Wednesday, the latest new footage from The Last Jedi appeared during the World Series in the form of a new TV spot called “Awake.” While most of this footage was also in the big full-length trailer from last month, there were a few big new scenes, including one in which it really seems like Rey is acting evil, or at least, is being tempted by the Dark Side of the Force.

Here’s the new trailer again for reference.

Now, beyond the new stuff with Rey, the most significant moment of this trailer is obviously Luke Skywalker walking into the cockpit of the Falcon. In some ways, this is the somber version of the “Chewie We’re Home” scene in the Force Awakens trailer from 2015. Luke is back on the Falcon, and he looks kind of depressed about it. Is he sensing the loss of Han Solo? Did he, like Leia, feel the disturbance in the Force when Han was killed by Kylo Ren? This scene might briefly suggest that, but it also serves as a visual counterpoint to the excellent moment in The Force Awakens where Han Solo relishes in how great is to be back on the Falcon.

So, the nostalgia boxes have been ticked, and our heartstrings have been moved with the Force to feel bittersweet about Luke back in this iconic ship. But, there’s something else that might be lurking here. In one of the scenes cut from The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren searched the Millennium Falcon when it was crashed on Starkiller Base. This happens right before the X-Wings attack, and while Rey, Finn, Han and Chewie are actually sneaking around trying to blow up the base. Kylo Ren sits glumly in the cockpit and says the name “Han Solo,” under his breath like it pains him.

Now, just because this scene wasn’t in the final movie, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen in some way, shape or form. Things get sticky in terms of deleted scenes from Star Wars films being considered “canon.” In March 2016, Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo suggested that “some” deleted scenes could be considered canon. But in this case, it might not matter. Because Luke’s relationship with Kylo Ren is bound to be explored in The Last Jedi, it stands to reason Luke is sensing the presence of both his old friends and his former pupil at the same time.

In this way, the Millennium Falcon has become like the Lost Ark and a Horcrux in the form a spaceship. Magical powers and memories are stored in its decks. If only this starship could speak, it might have more secrets than anything Luke will read in the Journal of the Whills.

The Last Jedi is out everyone on December 15.

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