New PS4 'Spider-Man Trailer Confirms Real New York Locales

Spider-Man truly is New York’s neighborhood superhero. In the new trailer for the upcoming Spider-Man on PlayStation 4, the game will take place in some real-life locations, such as Grand Central Station, throughout Spidey’s journey to save his hometown.

At Sony’s PlayStation presentation today at Paris Games Week, a new trailer was unveiled for Marvel’s Spider-Man. The game, developed by Insomniac Games and slated for release in 2018, stars a new version of Spider-Man in a continuity separate from any of the comics, films, or TV shows, though Peter Parker is still Peter Parker, and Spider-Man is still very much Spider-Man.

The trailer doesn’t reveal a whole heck of a lot aside from the faintest semblance of a plot; in Spider-Man, Chinese immigrant and entrepreneur Martin Li is a rising star in the murky waters of New York politics, but he harbors a secret as the supervillain Mister Negative. Other known Marvel characters seen in the trailer include Miles Morales, Norman Osbourne, Wilson Fisk, Mary Jane Watson, and NYPD captain Yuriko Watanabe, who in the comics suits up as the superhero Wraith.

Marvel’s Spider-Man will be released exclusively on PlayStation 4 in 2018.

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