A New Threat From the Arrowverse Will Invade 'Supergirl' Soon

The CW

A villainous entity will make its way from the greater Arrowverse of Earth-1 into Supergirl during this season of The CW’s DC Comics superhero programming. It’s none other than the super-greasy and incredibly unhealthy Big Belly Burger.

In a “Big Belly Burger Trailer” for The CW’s new “Super Season,” clips from Arrow and The Flash featuring the fast food franchise play alongside a genuine-looking traditional ad for Big Belly Burger. It’s a fun montage of Easter egg-like references from the history of each show.

The immensely popular fast food chain is synonymous with comfort food in the Star City and Central City of Arrow and The Flash, respectively, but never before has it shown up in Supergirl’s Earth-38 — until this season. The ad teases that Big Belly Burger will make its way to Supergirl’s National City at some point this season.

Does that mean their Earths might finally merge? Or was founder Angus T. Bellie born a generation later on Earth-38?

Either way, check out the fun trailer right here:

Remember when Felicity and Diggle joked about how “grease and salt” were the main ingredients? How about the running joke that every version of Harrison Wells is obsessed with Big Belly Burger? Did you know that Oliver prefers a triple stack and the Reverse-Flash simply must have curly fries?

“It’s kind of comforting to know that no matter what city you go to,” Felicity says, “Big Belly Burger always tastes like Big Belly Burger.” Ah yes, chain franchises are always good for that.

Much like Barry Allen, Kara Danvers has the enviable ability to consume incredible amounts of food without her body accruing fat, so it’s easy to imagine Supergirl’s excitement that the best burger in the multiverse will soon be a little closer to home for her.

Big Belly Burger, coming soon to a city near Supergirl.

The CW

The new Super Season takes off on The CW Monday, October 9 with the Supergirl Season 3 premiere at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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