'The Flash' Season 4 Might Introduce Yet Another Harrison Wells


Maybe Team Flash will finally give that fun mime version of Harrison Wells a chance. Actor Tom Cavanagh has hinted that a new Wells will be introduced in The Flash Season 4.

In Season 3, Episode 4, Caitlin, Cisco, and Harry auditioned a few multiverse Harrisons to join the team, including a drunken cowboy Harrison, fancy steampunk-cosplayer Earth-17 Harrison, a French mime Harrison, and, finally, H.R. the fraud scientist himself from Earth-19. It seems the team might go through another round of interviews in Season 4.

Cavanagh told Cinemablend that when Season 4 really starts to delve into the big story arcs of the season, “we’re going to, around that time, see what other versions of Wells are available. There’s all these different Earths we created, and there’s all these different Wells to pick from, and so we pick from them.”

That would mean bringing in a fourth main Wells (or, technically, the fifth if you don’t count the original Earth-1 Wells and Thawne’s imposter version of Wells as the same person). Earth-2 “Harry” Wells and Earth-19’s H.R. were numbers two and three, respectively.

But what would yet another version of Wells look like? Cavanagh has got to be reaching Tatiana Maslany in Orphan Black levels of personality confusion amongst his characters, so would this new version of Wells hedge more toward the ridiculousness of H.R. or Harry’s blasé nature?

It seems we’ll have to wait until Season 4 gets underway.

The Flash Season 4 will premiere on Tuesday, October 10, at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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