Josh Brolin's Cable Looks Freaking Insane in New 'Deadpool 2' Photo

Marvel/20th Century Fox

The folks behind Deadpool 2 have been raving about how funny the sequel to the 2016 R-rated smash hit is going to be, but Josh Brolin, who plays the buff, cybernetic mutant Cable, shared an intense new picture that makes the film look like a straight-up horror movie.

What Happened

On Monday, Brolin posted a black and white still from Deadpool 2 to his Instagram account, and the time-traveling Mutant does not look happy. Cable is bloody and screaming at his own reflection in a cracked, dingy bathroom mirror. He looks, frankly, fucking insane.

“Oh my God, wait until you see Deadpool. It’s SO funny!!!” Brolin originally wrote in the caption for the image, though he edited it within an hour of sharing the image. Now, the caption reads, “Cable Porn.”

What It Means

Brolin’s original caption seems to suggest that his Cable isn’t going to be laughing along with the Merc with a Mouth. The actor has previously said that Deadpool 2 will be even funnier than the first one, but his gruff, super swole Cable looks like something out of a totally different movie — more Logan than Deadpool. In practice, this will probably be a key ingredient to why the sequel is said to be so funny. Cable won’t exactly be Deadpool’s straight man, since he seems kind of unhinged, but his uber-intense persona will probably play well with Ryan Reynold’s meta wisecracks.

What’s Next

Deadpool 2 is expected to come out in 2018, so maybe we’ll know what Cable is screaming about before then.

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