A Clown-Only 'It' Screening is Coming to Alamo Drafthouse

It sounds like the stuff of literal nightmares.

Getty Images / Thomas Lohnes

If you were angry about the women-only screening of Wonder Woman, brace yourself: on September 9, an Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas will host a screening of It exclusively for clowns.

This special screening has a strict, clown-centric dress code, with attendees instructed to arrive in their “Pennywise best,” and will also feature a photo booth, face painting, raffles, and “other terrifying merriment” according to an event description on the movie theater’s website.

The newest on-screen iteration of It, set for wide release September 8, is the first time Stephen King’s 1986 horror tome has been adapted to a feature-length film. The notoriously campy 1990 adaption, which starred Tim Curry as Pennywise the Clown, titillated viewers in miniseries format.

The description for the clown-only It screening describes the film as “one of the best Stephen King adaptions ever made,” and even the details of Pennywise’s character design confirm that filmmakers worked hard to remain faithful to their source material.

So if the thought of sitting in a dark, silent room filled with clowns is somehow an appealing one, then dust off your oversized bowling shoes and jam ten of your closest friends into a teeny tiny car. But remember to ask yourself that all-important question before you go:

(i'm confused)


Will there be actual clowns, or not?

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