Pennywise Terrifies Children (and Also You) in New 'It' Trailer

The adults in Derry, Maine, are bad, but Pennywise is still much worse.

Warner Bros. Picture

Stephen King’s massive novel It takes place across two timelines, as the heroes battle the evil force haunting their town as kids and as adults, but the upcoming movie will just focus on the Losers Club as children. And, when you’re a kid, adults can be scary or uncaring, as the new trailer for the film goes to show.

But, having said that, as bad as adults might be, Pennywise the Dancing Clown is still much, much, much worse.

Warner Bros. originally premiered the trailer at Comic-Con over the weekend, but unleashed it on the general public on Thursday after teasing it which a pretty spooky preview. The new spot begins with all the members of the Losers Club having what looks like a pretty idyllic time, as they’re with their friends feeling safe. Of course, children are never really safe in Derry, Maine.

The trailer continues, showing an extended look of the iconic scene where Pennywise snatches little Georgie Denbrough up from inside a storm drain. Pennywise then haunts the kids, as Georgie’s brother, Bill, tries to rally the Losers to fight whatever evil is stalking them. “Are you just going to pretend it isn’t happening like everyone else in this town?” he asks, as menacing images of the adults in the kid’s troubled lives flash across the screen.

The first trailer held back on showing too much of Pennywise in a very Jaws-like fashion. In the new trailer, he still uses shadows to his terrifying advantage, but Pennywise is going to be a very active, very scary presence.

It hits theaters on September 8.

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