Even the Teaser for the New ‘It’ Trailer Is Terrifying

Frickin' balloons....

Normally, 10-second-long teasers for upcoming movie trailers are a waste of everyone’s time, but the new spot for the adaptation of Stephen King’s It is legitimately spooky. Turns out, a teaser for a trailer is just the right length of time for a pretty good jump scare.

The teaser, which hit the web on Wednesday, mostly exists to get fans excited for the newest full-length trailer, which will drop on Thursday. It’s set in the sewers underneath Derry, Maine, where so much of the horrifying novel takes place. A big, red, obviously CGI balloon floats ominously towards the screen, twirling to reveal the words “official trailer tomorrow.”

Then, it pops. Even though you almost certainly know what’s coming, it’s still an effective scare, and it offers up another good look at Bill Skarsgard’s Pennywise the Clown.

The new trailer, presumably, is the same one that Warner Bros. showed at the San Diego Comic-Con. That trailer, along with two scenes from the film, haven’t been released to the general public yet. Reports from the Comic-Con panel said It is scary, and includes a continuation of the iconic scene where Pennywise snatches up Georgie Denbrough from inside a storm drain.

The It trailer comes out on July 27, while the full movie hits theaters on September 8.

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