How to Get Porgs in New 'Pokemon GO'-Style Star Wars App

The Force is strong with a new Star Wars augmented reality game. In the style of Pokémon GO, the new mobile feature will let aspiring Jedis locate characters from The Last Jedi IRL, including a “new” character. Best of all, you can already find a few Porgs.

Dubbed Find the Force, the AR hunt is technically a part of the official Star Wars App, but by finding and scanning Find the Force logo graphics at one of 20,000 locations across 30 countries, fans can partake in “AR character experiences.” The logo itself has a red background that says “Find the Force,” and it featured the silhouette of Rey with an arm outstretched upwards, lightsaber in hand.

Between September 1 and 3, a total of 15 characters from The Last Jedi will be discoverable through Find the Force, but fans are already finding several of them, including those adorable new Porgs that Luke has been hanging out with on Ahch-To.

We took a picture of Porgs next to a Captain Picard action figure in the Inverse office.

You can take photos or even short videos interacting with the characters, and even Admiral Ackbar is already discoverable. He comes with his signature line: “It’s a trap!”

The game helps celebrate “Force Friday II,” a toy-focused event around the world meant to promote the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Fans can find 15 “data chips” representing “key personnel in the battle between the Resistance and the First Order.” Each graphic reveals a different character every day from September 1-3, and fans unlock digital rewards as they progress.

It's the middle point between a glorified QR scanner and 'Pokemon GO.'


To find the Porgs early, download the official Star Wars app, register, and select “Find the Force.” After a lengthy additional download finished, you can use the scanner on the following image to play with some Porgs:

Scan the red code to unlock Porgs!


Happy hunting!

Here's Godzilla trying to eat some Porgs in the Inverse office.

Star Wars Force Friday II occurs from September 1 through 3, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be released in theaters December 15, 2017.

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