Bonnie Tyler's 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' is #1 on iTunes Today

Your love is like a shadow on me all the time.

Getty Images / Clemens Bilan

Bonnie Tyler’s iconic emotional banger “Total Eclipse of the Heart” shot to the top spot on the iTunes charts in conjunction with and celebration of the total eclipse (of the sun) on Monday.

Though this classic heartbreak anthem is timeless, it feels particularly appropriate to blast today, as the first solar eclipse visible throughout the United States since 1979 transpires. Though the subject of Tyler’s song seems to be a distant lover rather than rare astronomical phenomena, she nonetheless offers sound advice to those tempted to view the eclipse sans protective eyewear: “Turn around, bright eyes,” Tyler implores the listener. Look into your homemade pinhole viewer instead, is the implied next instruction.

Together, the American people made it to the edge of the night as the eclipse passed over the continental United States, all soundtracked by Bonnie Tyler’s soaring vocals.

Tyler also performed her hit during from a cruise ship during the totality of the eclipse, which sounds so cinematic that it makes this reporter feel like weeping.

Apple appears to have taken advantage of this spike in popularity by setting the price of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” to $1.29 instead of the regular $0.99 rate or the reduced $0.69.

But then again, if you didn’t ready own this dazzling ode to human loneliness and the chasm that can grow between a pair of once-inseparable souls, then you’re probably kind of a sucker.