It Doesn't Make Sense for Rick to Be Nice to Jerry, Unless...

Think about it: Rick would never willingly go on an adventure with Jerry.

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Rick Sanchez has always had nothing but contempt for his son-in-law Jerry Smith on Rick and Morty, which makes it really weird that Rick would bring Jerry along on an adventure in the upcoming Season 3 episode, titled “The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy.” It’s so weird, in fact, that the “Rick” that rips Jerry out of bed for a fun trip probably isn’t even Rick at all.

There are potential spoilers for the next episode of Rick and Morty below.

Rick once explicitly told Jerry, “I don’t give a fuck what you think!” He’s never pretended to like the guy, and Rick gleefully took credit for dismantling Beth and Jerry’s marriage in the Season 3 premiere. Rick’s clearly not the type to do something nice for Jerry, but his stated explanation for why he’s taking Jerry along doesn’t pass the smell test either.

Rick tells Jerry’s the adventure is a personal favor to Morty, who asked for Rick to give the recent divorcee a win. But, since when has Rick ever done anything nice for his grandson? In the “Vindicators” episode, blackout Rick cared more about Noob-Noob than he did Morty, and Morty’s Adventure Card was all out of space for stamps.

If it takes an official stamp system for Rick to let Morty pick an adventure, then there’s no chance in hell that he’d ever take Jerry on some kind of a “pity adventure.” So what’s really going on here? The “execution” Jerry expects might be closer to the truth.

The Season 3 trailer released in early July teased scenes from this upcoming Rick and Jerry adventure. Even then, something weird was going on.

Based on the clips from the trailer, it looks like Rick and Jerry head to some domed city where they ride a roller coaster (maybe that’s the “Whirly Dirly”?).

The “Rick” we see is also shown as some sort of robot:

This is the same "Rick" that rides the coaster with Jerry.

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In all the scenes that show the two of them riding a roller coaster, Rick has the same weird hole in his shirt with blood around the edges.

So we know that Cyborg Rick is most likely the same Rick that’s hanging out with Jerry, which means that, barring anything unexpected, he’s probably the same Rick who drags Jerry out of bed in the promo.

Is this Rick some kind of clone sent by the remnants of the Galactic Federation or, even more likely, the surviving members of the Council of Ricks?

Keep in mind that Tammy and Phoenixperson are still out there, and with the scientists at their disposal, building a Cyborg Rick wouldn’t be all that far-fetched.

Rick and Morty has done a lot of unprecedented things in Season 3, but even Rick and Morty wouldn’t do anything so bold as having an intimate, legitimate adventure where Rick and Jerry bond, right?

Rick and Morty Season 3 continues on Adult Swim on Sundays at 11:30 p.m. Eastern.

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