'Rick and Morty' Season 3 Birdperson Scene Will Break Rick

Uh oh, Rick's war buddy is back.

Adult Swim aired the Rick and Morty Season 3 premiere on a loop this week, both streaming on its website and taking over the TV channel. Fans predictably assumed the network was playing an April Fool’s joke, but when it became obvious that the actual premiere was available, people went nuts.

A few things are clear now that we’ve seen the first episode of Season 3: Rick is out of prison, the Galactic Federation has been ejected from Earth, the Gromflomites are still working with Tammy, Beth and Jerry are getting a divorce, and Birdperson is alive (sort of). Tammy and the Gromflomites have created a Frankenstein, undead Birdperson which now calls itself “Phoenixperson,” and that creature is apparently loyal to Tammy.

The portrait of Rick and his grandson Morty, hanging in Birdperson's apartment.

Adult Swim

This isn’t just a one-off joke; Tammy has literally brainwashed and fucked with Rick Sanchez’s best friend in the galaxy. Rick and Birdperson were war buddies, fellow criminals, and brothers to the extent that Birdperson has a photo of Rick and baby Morty hanging in his apartment. Fan art has been created to honor Birdperson and Rick’s enduring friendship, and now that’s all gone to shit.

Watch the full after-credits scene below:

Rick and Morty Season 3 will air new episodes beginning this summer.

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