Susan Sarandon Treats Poop-Eaters in New ‘Rick and Morty’ Clip

But more importantly, she's the Smith family's therapist.

'Rick and Morty'

Susan Sarandon’s upcoming guest character on Rick and Morty specializes in family therapy sessions, but she also treats people like Mr. Goldenfold for their addictions to eating poop. (She even has a double-sided inspirational poster on her wall meant for each clientele type.)

Sometime after Rick turns himself into “Pickle Rick” during this Sunday’s episode of Rick and Morty, the remaining members of the Smith family embark on an entirely different adventure: family therapy. As revealed in a previous promo, their therapist is Dr. Wong. The plaque on her door also lists Coprophagia Therapy, the psychological treatment for chronic poop-eaters.

The latest promo from Adult Swim debuts guest star Susan Sarandon’s role as the serene Dr. Wong.

Beth brags about her father’s status as a scientist on the “intergalactic sci-fi level,” but Morty isn’t having any of it. “Does grandpa turn himself into a pickle a lot?” Dr. Wong asks as neutrally as possible after Morty complains about Rick.

The brief scene smartly establishes key facets of these characters’ psychologies: Beth is utterly in denial of her father’s neglectful and offensive behavior, Morty is furious and angry at Rick for the mistreatment he’s endured, and Summer is predictably doing her best to pretend like she doesn’t care at all.

The ultimate question Dr. Wong poses to the family?

“Why do we think grandpa turned himself into a pickle?” Beth isn’t the only one rolling her eyes at that response.

“Pickle Rick” airs this Sunday, August 6 on Adult Swim at 11:30 p.m. Eastern.

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